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Rock-a-Billy Ranch is a FIBER FARM/RANCH.  My husband and I run the ranch by ourselves.  Our animals are essentially our "stay-at home KIDS" (60+/- at a time, typically). We handle all of them daily, including our horned cattle, ensuring that they are calm, social and easy to handle.  

Our animals serve the purpose of "Maah's Cause" - providing quality fiber for me to use in Art, Apparel, Home Decor, Jewelry, Hand Spun Art Yarns and other creative items as well as livestock sales.  (Both sheep & goats make cries that sound like they are saying "MAAH")  If an animal leaves our ranch, it is because they have lived a full life here (RIP) or because we have found a loving home who will appreciate them as we do - as Fiber Producers and PETS.

If you are interested in Livestock from our ranch, you can visit www.MiniHighlandsofNebraska.com

to learn more about what we have to offer!



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