Alpaca Crocheted Purse
  • Alpaca Crocheted Purse

    SKU: PRS13

    This purse was made from my hand-spun art yarns.  The fibers is Alpaca dyed in varing shades of grey. This purse is lined with a dark silver colored satin and has a 40" strap that is crocheted Alpaca.  The closure is a hook & eye, and 3 recycled glass buttons adorn the front with 3 crocheted flowers.  This purse is 9" x 8"


      If you purchase this item and are not satisfied with the quality, I can exchange it for another jewelry piece/item for you.  If an item breaks for what ever reason (accident, snag etc) within 30 days of purchase, ship the item back to me (your cost) and I will fix the item for free, then ship it to you at my cost.  


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